Ivo Contract Review Solution

A more effective way to review legal contracts

Reviewing contracts can be tedious, time consuming and risky. With Ivo, legal teams are able to more efficiently review complex contracts, reduce overall risk and deliver faster business value.

Learn how Ivo Contract Review works

Automated document review and redlining

Checklist Review

Automatically verifies if documents meet specific requirements, ensuring compliance with internal playbooks.

Automatic Explanation & Correction Suggestions

Provides clear explanations for any unmet requirements and suggests redline revisions in line with company policy.

ai generated comment bubbles

Automatically generate Microsoft Word comment bubbles justifying redline changes to the counterparty.

Set up company specific requirements, clauses and playbooks

We empower our users to customize specific legal frameworks to fit the needs of their company’s legal requirements:

  • Configure clause libraries with your standard and fallback positions.

  • Customize checklists based on your key requirements.

Manage internal communications with one-click Issues List generation


Issues Lists will summarize the key issues based on your standard positions, adding additional detail with clause references, risk ratings, explanations, and more.

DOCX format

Issues lists are generated in tabular Microsoft Word format for easy updating and sharing.

Support for contracts of all types


Direct integrations into Microsoft Word and Google Docs.

PDF support

PDF support through our Web Application.

Comprehensive summarization tools for enhanced document insight

Versatile Summary Creation

Generate a general overview, key risks for the customer, essential business terms, or a summary of changes with ease.

Focused Insights

Quickly obtain targeted summaries that highlight the most critical aspects relevant to stakeholders' interests.

Efficiency in Review Process

Streamline the review process by providing concise, informative summaries that facilitate faster decision-making.

Simplified document modification and querying

Intuitive Modification Commands

Direct Ivo to alter the document using straightforward instructions, making edits quick and easy.


Ask open-ended questions about your document and get quick responses with source references.

Dynamic WORD Comments

Automatically insert Word comments as redlines to explain and justify any changes to the document's language.

The Ivo Contract Review Difference

Most customizable contract review

Tailored to your company's unique legal language and playbook for unparalleled accuracy and customization.

Accelerated Time to Implementation

Significantly faster deployment time than traditional CLM solutions, ensuring quick integration and minimal disruption.

Robust Customer Support

Includes a dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) and implementation team who will do the heavy lifting for you.

Industry-Leading Security

Distinguished by SOC 2 Type II certification, setting a higher standard than uncertified competitors.

Dedicated Focus

Specialization in AI-driven contract review, delivering exceptional performance without diluting focus across too broad a feature set.

CLM Compatibility

Agnostic integration into existing Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) platforms for seamless operation and immediate team and business benefits.

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